Friday, February 17, 2006

Busy Weekend for Volleyball

Let's see.... Chicago land has plenty to choose from if a person chooses to see some volleyball this weekend. The boys Great Lakes Festival is being played on Saturday and Sunday at several sites throughout the Chicago area. I know for sure I will not be visiting the Indiana location. That is just too far of a haul even for the southsiders. I am not sure why they stick the seventeen’s there, maybe because it has a lower number of teams compared to the 18's and 16's. The lighting is kind of funky also unless they did something compared to a few years ago.

On the college level, there are four matches, two at Loyola and two at Lewis. Loyola plays Cal Baptist on Friday and against Ohio State on Saturday night for a MIVA showdown. Until Loyola lost to Ball State last week, I thought this might have been a great match. We will see if Shane and Dan can get their team fired up again against Ohio State. This is one match I would like to see but it will depend on how the rest of my schedule works out. Lewis is easier for me to get to. Lewis plays Quincy (DII) on Friday then Cal Baptist on Saturday. Now that I think about it, I know kids on all five teams, even Cal Baptist.

Hopefully, some of the teams from out of town will get to watch a match or two. It’s better than sitting in a hotel room thinking of things to do that will or will not receive a complaint from someone who unknowingly made a reservation at the same hotel as the team(s). Of course, the coaches cannot wait until after the bed check so they can get together for their own version of relaxation! It is no fun driving those 15 passenger vans around with bags stacked up over the windows, especially if you have to backup and find parking spaces big enough for them. A little relaxation is deserved.

Ok, I will sign off until a write up a match report.


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