Commitments, Recruiting and MORE VIDEO

Wow, it has almost been a month since my last entry. I am glad the growth of men's volleyball is not dependant on my posting frequency! On my last post, I stated I was going to comment on the Loyola vs. Ball State match. But since I posted the entire match video on the website, I felt that no one really needed my thoughts. They could just watch the match themselves and create their own opinion.

I am trying to get some video of the NCAA DIII tournament in which Juniata won it all again. I think it would be great exposure for DIII volleyball from both a recruiting and fans standpoint. As we all know, the only men's volleyball we get to watch on TV is about 6 matches a year plus more in Olympic years. I can at least take my pick to drive to two different schools to watch DI.

The signed commitment page has had several updates over the past week. Now that many coaches have some time, they are responding to requests for updates. I need to email a few more coaches to get additional updates. The commitment page had the highest number of hits this past week but I just posted a new video and it will eventually take over as the most popular destination on the site (as all the video has been).

I have had an idea of a recruiting page(s) on the site to provide additional program and school details to the HS athletes that visit the site. I just haven't had the time to create the pages because of all of the news updates. Now that the seasons are winding down, the news is slowing down creating more time for new pages. Cardinal Stritch has just sent me additional recruiting materials and I am almost finished with my first version of the recruiting pages. I am sure the pages will evolve over time in format and material available but I need to get started somewhere. The initial pages may be uninspiring and kludgy but at least the recruiting material will be available to the HS athletes.

Lastly, I am hoping to get some additional USA Men's team video to help promote the 2006 World League matches this summer. USAV has been fairly responsive in sharing what video clips they already have. I am crossing my fingers that they will share some end line video of more recent USA matches to share with the volleyball community. I think they should use the video to advertise the event at the larger boy's and girl's volleyball tournaments, all the way through the JO National events. Keep checking and maybe I'll have some posted in the future.


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