College Season Over, HS & Club Season Championships Time

It looks like once a month is going to be my frequency unless I free up some time. Although the college season has ended, the boy’s high school and club summer season’s still have about 4 to 6 more weeks.

I am hoping on making it over to Hoffman Estates to watch some of the IHSA (Illinois) high school playoff matches, as I have the past 6 years. The “elite eight” weekend is the first week of June. I am going to apply to the IHSA to see if they will provide me their official championship match video afterwards. They have a form and are asking a fee but the form appears to be for broadcasting the match on a cable TV station. I assume this would be a local access station. Since I do not generate any revenue from Middle Hitter, I will ask them for a copy for no charge. I would also agree to delay the broadcast until after the local cable stations have broadcast their copy. This would prevent a posting of the video on from potentially reducing the cable stations viewers. I will not get my hopes up too high but you never know unless you ask. There is also a chance of getting a parent/fan home video version.

I am a little disappointed in the slow due diligence and approval process by my USAV contact regarding the posting of the DIII Molten championship match video. I have the host schools approval, the UC-Santa Cruz head coach approval and the AVCA approval. I have not heard from Juniata’s head coach but based on some of the rumors/information posted on VolleyTalk, I think I know why and do not expect to hear from Ken. The only hold up now is from my USAV contact. Hopefully, the approval and video will arrive next week. It will take me awhile to process to video into individual sets and convert to an internet friendly file.

However, the DIII Molten video now has competition. I received notice from California Baptist that the NAIA volleyball tournament director has approved my posting of the NAIA National Invitational Tournament Championship sponsored by Tachikara. The only thing we are waiting for is the Cal Baptist SID to get back into town and forward the video. I sent my initial request for the video a week later (the tournament was a week later) than my request for the DIII Molten video and it appears, the NAIA has a quicker approval process. The DIII Molten may have to wait until after the posting of the NAIA championship match.

I now have two schools who have asked to have information posted on the Recruiting page, both are NAIA schools. I have been reviewing the NCAA rules on recruiting to see of there are any risks of an NCAA school using the page to post information on their programs but am having a difficult time interpreting the language. It appears that there should be no problem since Middle Hitter is not a recruiting service but I may have to send an inquiry to the NCAA for clarification. I really don’t want to get a coach, especially in a new program, into NCAA problems because of simple program information postings on the web site.

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