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Starting Up the Blog Again???

Wow, it has been since July since I last posted. There was a lot of volleyball action but no time to sit down and write. So much for the off-season. I really enjoyed the World League matches in Minneapolis. I got to take some great photos from my floor (press pass) position. I even created the first Middle Hitter quiz using some of the photos. I was able to meet a few of my USAV email contacts face-to-face. It is always a pleasure to finally meet someone you correspond with. I happened to be staying at the same hotel as the teams and coaches (it wasn't planned) It was hot as #$@% in Minneapolis with temperatures reaching 100 plus degrees. Sure glad the walk from the hotel to the matches was via the indoor walkways built to protect people from the COLD. Using my press pass, I was able to attend the post match press conferences. I brought my video camera but wasn't really prepared the first night. I wasn't sure how it worked. However, the second night, I had prepa