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College Season Over, HS & Club Season Championships Time

It looks like once a month is going to be my frequency unless I free up some time. Although the college season has ended, the boy’s high school and club summer season’s still have about 4 to 6 more weeks. I am hoping on making it over to Hoffman Estates to watch some of the IHSA (Illinois) high school playoff matches, as I have the past 6 years. The “elite eight” weekend is the first week of June. I am going to apply to the IHSA to see if they will provide me their official championship match video afterwards. They have a form and are asking a fee but the form appears to be for broadcasting the match on a cable TV station. I assume this would be a local access station. Since I do not generate any revenue from Middle Hitter , I will ask them for a copy for no charge. I would also agree to delay the broadcast until after the local cable stations have broadcast their copy. This would prevent a posting of the video on from potentially reducing the cable stations viewers.